I smile.

I smile at everybody.

I smile especially

at the grocery for the little tilt

favoring me as he weighs

my daily necessaries

so costly

these days.

I smile also at

the vegetable vendor

that he may not charge

overmuch for so small

a requirement as mine.

By evening I have spent

all my smiles for favors,

that we may come by

wherewithal to move


till the end of the days,

and I have no smile left

to take home.


Maybe things don’t happen for a reason. Maybe we’re just grasping for ways to make sense of the chaos around us. 

Maybe our delusional heads are giving meaning to things that have no meaning. Maybe we’re clinging to hope so hard that we forget about reality. 

What if we’re wrong and nothing is meant to be?

We’re just lost souls wandering endlessly, desperately seeking comfort from the notion that things will work out in the end no matter what. 

What if we’ve tricked ourselves into believing that everything will be alright in the end just so we don’t have to face the reality that maybe it won’t?

She needs your strength!

Nobody can save her from her own demons, she’s all alone.

The erratic behavior that comes with her illness, is her own personality clone.

Nobody understands what she has been through.

She’s living her nightmare and wanting her freedom to.
This is just who she will ever be.

Her medicines will balance her hormones gradually.

If anyone could ever had thought, she had a perfect soul.

She will never understand what they have been told.
She will one day find someone who would except her for who she is.

She’s not gonna be a hard one to miss.

She’s broken, she’s fragile, and just needs someone to love.

She’s unsteady, but she’s ready, if what she’s offering to give is enough.

She can fall, but if your willing to stand by her side.

She’s offering you one hell of a ride.

She just needs your strength to make it by tonight.

She promises to make things alright.

If you would just give her strength tonight.

Lost Soul.

Shadow of a lost soul passes by, no one batts an eye.

Shadow of a lost soul touches you, no one asks why?

Shadow of a lost soul lingers for you, but you’re busy looking at the sky!

Shadow of a lost soul calls out for you, but you don’t hear the cry!

Shadow of a lost soul starts to give up, you don’t care.

Shadow of a lost soul starts to fade, it’s really not fair.

Shadow of a lost soul is gone, you left it in despair

You don’t have to be dead to be a lost soul.

I walk around this world aimlessly looking for a soul to latch on.

You left me strength.

My heart at peace
Back to the old home

My gallery of loneliness all over

Cold blanket still lays my crib

Dust of old memories

Now the smell everywhere

 Once again wounded

Once again left in a dark path

But this time didn’t take long

To find my way home for peace

Healed so soon and quick

You left me strength to overcome

The unrealistic dream

To give my heart out again

I panic within, not loosing you

But for the hope I shuttered.

After I fell into you

You always reminded me 

To keep my words

Your conditions never remained

Its all gone,Its all done.

That you found me not worth.

A goodbye with a deep smile.

#love #hate #strength #strong #alone


‚ÄčEver plucked a beautiful flower and instantly kept it in the book you were reading that moment, 

You see that flower getting wither by the passing days, getting fade,but still you don’t throw it.

You like watching it getting fade by time.

Because you know even after the color of that flower fades away , you will not stop adoring it.

But one day you are done with reading that book.

And then you remember the flower you kept inside is still there.

What will you do? 

What do you still feel for that tiny flower?

It is no more beautiful the way it used to be.

I know you will not throw it away.

Same happens when you spend time with a human being,

you stay with them ,share things, chat, laugh, shout, argue, explore and do many things together.

But there comes a day when a human also fades, you know that, you have got to know them entirely, you know how much shallow they are, how deep they are.

But something in you stops you to go ahead, or explore further with them.

There is something’s that has stopped working between you.


You still don’t want them to go away from your life,

Because What if you have lost the feeling, but you do know what they meant to you at a point of time.

And you still believe in the beauty you saw in them in starting.

And you don’t want to loose any hope.

Because understanding a person when there is  nothing left in them to be explored or you can say when they are at their worst is what needed these days.

So giving up on such people shouldn’t be the only way.

.” i still believe in the beauty of that flower which you plucked and kept inside your book”

“I believe,i still adore you the way you admired that flower”

Tell Me?

‚ÄčTell me!

When did you start loving her scars more than the other parts of her body?
Tell me?

What made you restless the time you tasted her love? 

 Tell me?

What made you more warmer?  

What made your heart beat fast?
Tell me again?

What made you close your eyes for the first time she osculated.
Tell me,

What made you leave her even ,when you knew she was full of  imperfections?
Tell me! 

Why you made her proud of her what she is naturally.

When you were yourself just an illusion of her life.

#love #illusion #imperfections

Chaotic in a poetic way!